Prof Jonathan Grigg

Professor Of Paediatric Respiratory And Environmental Medcine
Queen Mary Univeristy Of London

Jonathan Grigg is the leading UK paediatrician in the effects of air pollution. His research has identified the mechanisms whereby inhalation of particles increases vulnerability to bacterial infection. These studies have informed the public on the risks of air pollution, and influenced national policy. He was a lead author of the Royal College of Physicians’ Report on the long-term effects of air pollution. In the area of paediatric respiratory medicine, he has led major independent and industry trials of new and existing asthma therapies. He is the Deputy Director of the North Thames CLAHRC, and Director of the CLAHRC's Children and Adolescent’s Theme Funded by the CLAHRC he has developed an online objective asthma control test, and using this in schools has found poor levels of asthma control.

Member of the UK Committee on the Medical Effects of Air Pollution (COMEAP)

Elected Secretary of the Paediatric Assembly of the European Respiratory Society

Deputy Director of the Blizard Institute (Clinical)

Member of the International Advisory Board of Thorax

Member of the American Thoracic Society Conference Committee