5th King’s John Price Paediatric Respiratory Conference

Full Programme of Events

Please note that the programme topics / speakers may change at short notice

Main Conference 03.04.2019 – 04.04.2019

Opening Ceremony

Tuesday 2 April

Theme Science and Story

Neuropsychiatric Effects of Montelukast
Francine Ducharme
Prof Francine Ducharme
Duchenne dystrophy and the good and bad side of NIV and traches and the change in prognosis?
Prof Andy Bush
Prof Andy Bush
Sorry seems to be the hardest word
Paul Brand
Prof Paul Brand
Building Bridges to Improve Asthma Care?
Prof. Stan Szefler
Prof Stan Szefler
What happened to the headbox?
Dr Gary Ruiz
Dr Gary Ruiz

Pre-Conference Workshop / Masterclass

2 April 2019

Psychosocial Workshop in Paediatric Respiratory Care

This workshop is aimed to provide a more in depth understanding of some of the psychosocial factors that impact on management of paediatric respiratory care.


This course will cover:
  • Range of psychosocial needs in children and young people with chronic respiratory conditions
  • Different ways to support adherence to treatment
  • Psychosocial risks that are evident in some families
  • Resilience skills to support families and professionals
Paediatric / Young Adult Asthma Training

This course will develop your skills and knowledge in effectively managing children and young people with asthma, including diagnosis and monitoring.

Paediatric Sleep Workshop

This workshop is aimed to provide better understanding of different types of sleep studies that are undertaken in paediatric sleep centres in the UK, including the pros and cons of each. This workshop will also provide an introduction to the basic principles of how to score cardiorespiratory polygraphy studies and polysomnography (PSG) with real life examples and practical tips.

Paediatric Dysfunctional Breathing Masterclass

This course is aimed to provide a better understanding of dysfunctional breathing

Interpreting Oximetry in Children: Controversies and Consensus – New Dimensions to Explore

This workshop is aimed to provide better understanding of performing and interpreting oximetry in Children.

Measuring Spirometry in Children

This workshop is aimed to provide better understanding of performing and interpreting spirometry in Children.

Stabilisation of the Acutely Unwell Child
This course will cover:
  • A method for rapidly assessing the acutely unwell child
  • Role of High Dependency Units and their development
  • Discuss common acute respiratory clinical presentations and their evidence based management
  • Review the role of controversial & anecdotal treatments in the acutely unwell child
  • Use of Humidified High Flow Nasal Cannulae Oxygen
  • High fidelity simulated scenario to solidify skills learnt.
  • Share non-technical skills that can be applied to management of critical unwell children
Paediatric Thoracic Ultrasound and Guided Drain Insertion Course
This course will cover:
  • Diagnostic uses of ultrasound in the practice of paediatric thoracic medicine including pleural, pulmonary, diaphragmatic, thymic and laryngeal pathology
  • Hands on practical experience of ultrasound guided needle placement, pleural drain insertion and useful anaesthetic blocks
  • Interactive review and discussion of evidence for and against the use of ultrasound in pulmonary parenchymal disease, particularly in the setting of infection


Chronic Lung Disease of Prematurity – Challenges Today and Tomorrow


Acute NIV Workshop

This workshop aims to give a better understanding of the practicalities and challenges of non-invasive ventilation (NIV) in acute paediatric settings through hands on experience in small groups.


The workshop will cover:
  • Basic concepts of NIV
  • An introduction to the material used for NIV
  • Hands on experience through skills stations covering common NIV scenarios in infants and children
  • An introduction to the management of the challenge of “asynchrony” in non-invasive ventilation

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