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Conference Programme

With so many complex and varied areas in the paediatric respiratory field to discuss, the Conference has evolved greatly over the years. We constantly review the feedback of our attendees, speakers, exhibitors and volunteers to ensure that the standard of the Conference and the variation of sessions is as high quality as it can possibly be.

Join our online conference to continue your learning and gain insight and knowledge of the many important issues our profession faces.

Dowload the full programme below.

It is the passion of those involved in the Conference that truly makes it a standout event and one not to be missed. The enthusiasm of our faculty for sharing their knowledge, the delegates for the eagerness to learn, constantly evolve and share their experiences with peers and our abstract entrants and poster presenters for sharing their findings with attendees, is what is at the heart of the Conference.

The event is a coming together of all these people, united by the common purpose of improving respiratory care for our young patients.

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Main Conference Programme

Tuesday 25 May

Theme: Meeting New Challenges

08:00 – 08:10
Programme - Atul Gupta
Welcome Address

Dr Atul Gupta

Auditorium A
Auditorium B
Auditorium A is in Blue
Auditorium B is in Green
08:10 – 09:40
Session 1A
Programme Dr Gary Ruiz

Dr Gary Ruiz

Programme Dr Kat Harman

Dr Katharine Harman

Programme Prof Gary Wong
COVID-19 Lessons from Asia

Prof. Gary Wong

Programme Prof Calum Semple
The reality of running trials in outbreaks and the ISARIC WHO Clinical Characterisation Protocol

Prof. Calum Semple OBE

09:40 – 12:30
Session 2A
Hot topics
Programme - Atul Gupta

Dr Atul Gupta

Programme Gary Doherty

Dr Gary Doherty

Fireside chat.  Pollution as an asthma risk factor
Programme Prof Jonathan Grigg

Prof. Jonathan Grigg

Programme Dr Abigail Whitehouse

Dr Abigail Whitehouse

Programme Prof Benjamin Marsland
The airway microbiome in asthma development

Prof. Benjamin Marsland

Stretching Break
Programme Prof Anne Chang
Management of bronchiectasis exacerbations

Prof. Anne Chang

Programme Dr James Cook
Azithromycin: uses in paediatric medicine

Dr James Cook

Programme Prof Steve Turner
Do asthma attacks result in a persistent reduction in lung function in children?

Prof. Steve Turner

Session 2B
Sleep / Ventilation
Programme Dr Hui-Leng Tan

Dr Hui-leng Tan

Programme Dr Hazel Evans

Dr Hazel Evans

Poster Discussion

Physiology, Sleep, NIV
Abstract No: 11, 17, 25, 31

Stretching Break
Programme Mark Mathieson
Formula 1 and ventilator challenge UK

Mr Mark Mathieson

Programme Pro Albert Martin Li
Mild obstructive sleep apnoea - does it matter?

Prof. Albert Ma​rtin Li

Programme Dr Don Urquhart
Sleeping like a baby - what does that mean?

Dr Don Urquhart

Programme Dr Martin Samuels
Breath holding and unusual awake phenomena

Dr Martin Samuels

12:30 – 13:15
Lunch / Exhibition / Poster viewing
13:15 – 15:15
Session 3A
Cystic Fibrosis: The era of highly effective modulators has arrived, so what next?
Programme Prof Jane Davies

Prof.  Jane Davies

Programme Dr Dominic Hughes

Dr Dominic Hughes

Programme Prof Eric Alton
Where we are & where we are going: gene/ mRNA replacement and repair strategies

Prof. Eric Alton

Programme Prof Jennifer Taylor-Cousar
The future of sexual and reproductive health in CF

Dr Jennifer Taylor-Coussar

Programme Dr Damian Downey
Is the culture dead? The future of microbiology in CF

Dr Damian Downey

Session 3B
Programme Dr Prasad Nagakumar

Dr Prasad Nagakumar

Programme Dr Louise Fleming

Dr Louise Fleming

Poster Discussion

Asthma / Allergy Abstract No: 7, 15, 19, 21

Programme Dr Cara Bossley
Controversies in Management of acute asthma

Dr Cara  Bossley

Programme Dr Mark Levy
Asthma deaths: learning’s from coronor's inquests

Dr Mark Levy

Programme Ann McMurray
Parent and Young person’s perspective of Near Fatal Asthma

Mrs Ann McMurray

15:15 – 15:45
15:45 – 18:00
Session 4A
Programme - Atul Gupta

Dr Atul Gupta

Programme Dr Cara Bossley

Dr Cara Bossley

Programme Prof Daniel Jackson
Asthma Exacerbations in Children: Mechanisms & Consequences

Prof. Daniel Jackson

Programme Prof Stan Szefler
Asthma biologics in children: Is there an opportunity to induce remission?

Prof. Stan Szefler

Programme Dr Erol Gaillard
Diagnosis of asthma in children

Dr Erol Gaillard

Session 4B
Dr Mark Rosenthal

Dr Mark Rosenthal

Programme Ms Tamara Orska

Ms Tamara Orska

Programme Keiran Lock
Respiratory physiotherapy in children during the COVID-19 pandemic: lessons from lockdown and future directions for management

Mr Kieren Lock

Programme Ms Laura Lowndes
Face to face validated set up of home spirometry during the COVID-19 pandemic

Ms Laura Lowndes

Programme Dr Biju Thomas
SpiroBooth: Innovation to mitigate COVID-19 risk in the lung function lab

Dr Biju Thomas

KJPPRC Sarah Pierce
Lower airway physiotherapy management in chronic suppurative lung disease

Ms Sarah Pierce

Programme Gemma Marsh
Upper airway management in Chronic Suppurative lung disease

Ms Gemma Marsh

18:00 – 18:15
Twilight Highlights

Main Conference Programme

Wednesday 26 May

08:00 – 08:10
Programme - Atul Gupta
Welcome Address

Dr Atul Gupta

Auditorium A
Auditorium B
Stream A is in Blue
Stream B is in Green
08:10 – 09:40
Session 5A
Programme Prof Anne Greenough

Prof. Anne Greenough

Programme Dr Julian Legg

Dr Julian Legg

Programme Prof Peter Sly
Air Pollution and Children’s Health – Where next?

Prof. Peter Sly

Programme Prof Andrew Pollard
Progress with COVID-19 vaccines

Prof. Andrew Pollard

09:40 – 10:00
10:00 – 12:30
Session 6A
Hot Topics
Programme Dr Jayesh Bhatt

Dr Jayesh Bhatt

Programme - Atul Gupta

Dr Atul Gupta

Fireside chat: Deprivation / social determinants / poverty and respiratory health
Programme Prof Ian Sinha

Dr Ian Sinha

Programme Dr Camilla Kingdon

Dr Camilla Kingdon

Programme Prof Paul Brand
Taking the judgement out of feedback will increase its effectiveness

Prof. Paul Brand

Programme Prof Hilary Pinnock
Supporting children and young people to live with asthma

Prof. Hilary Pinnock

Programme Dr Benjamin Schwartz
The Narrative Approach: How Storytelling Impacts Care

Dr Benjamin Schwartz

Programme Prof Gary Connett
Asthma, classical conditioning and the autonomic nervous system - A hypothesis for the cause of wheeze in childhood

Prof. Gary Connett

Session 6B
The new reality
Programme Dr Will Carrol

Dr Will Carrol

Programme Dr Clare Murray

Dr Clare Murray

Poster Discussion

Lung health / Public Health / COVID-19 Pandemic
Abstract No: 26, 28, 33, 37, 38

Fireside chat: Digitalisation in respiratory / child health
Programme Dr Chris Kelly

Dr Chris Kelly

Programme Dr Simon Chapman

Dr Simon Chapman

Programme Dr Kat Harman
Obesity and Pandemic

Dr Katherine Harman

Innovations in digital health

Prof Heather Elphick

Programme Dr Gary Ruiz
Ground Round: The toddler with a wet cough

Dr Gary Ruiz

12:30 – 13:15
13:15 – 15:15
Session 7A
Inherited respiratory conditions
Programme Dr Helen Spencer

Dr Helen Spencer

Programme Dr Louise Selby

Dr Louise Selby

Radiology Quiz
Programme Dr Tom Semple

Dr Tom Semple

Programme Dr John Adu

Dr John Adu

Programme Dr Debbie Morris Rosendahl
Genetic testing for inherited respiratory conditions in the new NHS Genomic Medicine Service

Dr Debbie Morris-Rosendahl

Programme Prof Andrew Bush
Recent advances in ILD

Prof. Andrew Bush

Session 7B
Programme Dr Seb Gray

Dr Seb Gray

Programme Dr James Cook

Dr James Cook

Fireside Chat: Digitalisation in respiratory / child health
Programme Dr Hannah Allen

Dr Hannah Allen

Programme Dr Claire Edmondson

Dr Claire Edmondson

Programme Dr Laura Gardner
Grand Round: The toddler with a wheeze

Dr Laura Gardner

Fireside Chat: My career
Programme Dr Hazel Evans

Dr Hazel Evans

Programme Dr Neil Gibson

Dr Neil Gibson

Programme Dr Simone Andreou

Dr Simone Andreou

Programme Dr Simon Buckley
Grand Round: Spontaneous pneumothorax

Dr Simon Buckley

15:15 – 15:45
15:45 – 17:35
Session 8A
Programme - Atul Gupta

Dr Atul Gupta

Programme Dr Kat Harman

Dr Katharine Harman

Programme Prof Bruce Rubin
Airway mucus is not just snot

Prof. Bruce Rubin

Programme Prof Bob Wood
Forty-nine ways to get the wrong answer when you do a paediatric bronchoscopy

Prof. Bob Wood

Programme Mr Ross Fisher
Presentation Skills

Mr Ross Fisher

Session 8B
Asthma / dysfunctional breathing
Programme Dr Nicki Barker

Dr Nicki Barker

Programme Ms Sarah Latham

Ms Sarah Latham

Poster Discussion

Abstract No 24, 27, 35

Programme Prof Paolo Pianosi
The Breathless teenager

Prof. Paolo Pianosi

Programme Clare Hepworth
Use of buteyko breathing techniques in children and young people with dysfunctional breathing

Ms Claire Hepworth

Programme Angela Jamalzedah
Practical approach to virtual care for complex asthma patients from a CNS perspective

Ms Angela Jamalzadeh

17:35 – 18:00
Twilight Highlights
Vote of Thanks

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