Dr Michelle Chatwin

Dr Michelle Chatwin

PhD, Physiotherapist in Respiratory Support


Michelle Chatwin is a lead member of the Respiratory Support Service at the Royal Brompton Hospital. This service is unique in providing diagnostic sleep studies, treatment, equipment and expertise for patients with nocturnal respiratory failure across the age spectrum.

Her clinical practice is focused on the transition of paediatrics patients to adult services; this is a time of recognised vulnerability. The respiratory muscle weakness patients She cares for require complex ventilation strategies and airway clearance techniques.She has over 15 years’ experience in all aspects of respiratory support.nShe regularly participates in education forums, and is committed to the professional development of the field.

Michelle Chatwin is also a member of the Academic Unit of Sleep and Breathing, at Imperial College London. The team has an active translational research programme in sleep-related respiratory disorders and respiratory support. Her own research is focused on the development and evaluation of treatment strategies for patients with hereditary neuromuscular disorders. She has published many papers in the field, and frequently contributes at international and national meetings.

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