Dr Nicki Barker

Dr Nicki Barker


Clinical Research Fellow and Advanced Physiotherapist, Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust.


Nicki is an expert on Dysfunctional Breathing (DB) and the creator of BreathWorks, the UK’s first clinic for paediatric patients with DB. Nicki is also a key member of the Sheffield paediatric difficult asthma service and presents at events in the UK and Europe. Her other responsibilities include positions on the Scientific Advisory Committee for The Childrens’ Hospital Charity, and the Clinical Research Steering Group at SCH. Nicki is also a committee member of the national Complex Breathlessness Interest Group, representing paediatrics.

Nicki’s current research priorities are into the efficacy of physiotherapy for children with DB, developing a tool for the early identification of DB and the development of medical technology to aid diagnosis and treatment of respiratory conditions.

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