How to ventilate non-invasively in a DGH: Acute & Chronic NIV MASTERCLASS

7th King’s John Price Paediatric Repiratory Conference, 9th July 2021


This masterclass give attendees the opportunity to explore the application of acute and chronic non-invasive ventilation in the DGH. Morning sessions cover the theory and physiology of NIV followed by equipment demonstrations. In the afternoon, you are invited to join either the acute or chronic streams. With theory relevant to your preferred stream and the opportunity to apply and consolidate knowledge in the clinical scenario sessions; the acute stream addresses NIV in the acutely deteriorating patient. Meanwhile the chronic stream cover set up and management of patients requiring NIV mid to long term.

Target Audience

Paediatric trainees • Paediatric Emergency medicine trainees • Advanced Nurse Practitioners • Paediatric nurses • Paediatric consultants • Specialist nurses • CNS

Learning aims, objectives and outcomes

  • Introduction of role of acute NIV and Humidified High flow Nasal cannula (HHFNC) O2 in the DGH, in acutely unwell patients and those requiring chronic NIV / LTV
  • Discussion of applied NIV physiology
  • Provide an update on different forms of acute & chronic LTV
  • Provide an update on advances in HHFNC O2 and its role in the acutely unwell child
  • Provide practical skills around commencing and using NIV in the acute and chronic patients

Invited Speakers Include:

Billie Coverly ​• Damian Griffiths  • Kat Harman • Kamal Patel • Lynda Verhulst • Marti Pons • Simona Turcu • Tamsyn Hernandez

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