The faculty comprises of leading specialists and researchers from around the globe. By bringing the world’s leading experts together with healthcare professionals of all disciplines, the programme provides an opportunity for networking between all faculty and delegates, allowing opportunities for sharing and learning from each other.

Other Attending Faculty

Mrs Charlotte Wells
Dr Lynda Verhulst
Emma Fettes
Dr Angela Skidmore
Dr Julia Selby
Stephanie Rees
Dr Hina Pattini
Dr Mike McKean
Prof Mark Levy
Ms Sara Latham

Dr Meera Kurup
Prof Sushil Kabra
Dr Richard Iles
Dr Edward Holloway
Dr Johanna Gavlak
Dr Julian Forton
Dr Eleanor Sproson
Dr James Cook
Dr Rania Abusamra
Dr Ann Hickey
Dr Amy Shale

Dr Rachael Mitchell
Dr Trisha Radia
Dr Ruth Kingshott
Mary Palframan
Ms Kylie Russo
Dr Jo Blundell
Dr Fay Coster
Dr Harriet Conniff
Ms Emma Carruthers
Dr Alistair Duff

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